CT Industrial, Oy is rapidly growing company. We reached +20 % growth in turnover and employees during the extensive period of five years on average.   

During the growth period one of the main reason that incorporated our potencial forces was common vision, mission, strategical goals and common values that we share inbetween. 

We strongly believe that qualitative services that provides our company perfectly fits with market demands and helps to fight with daily emergent environmental issues. Do-what-you-say and say-what-you-do are perfect statements that describes our active efforts to contribute to circular economy and reduce-reuse-retrofit slogan. 

Green, yellow, and blue colors corresponds to environment, combustion and innovated technologies initiatives and business units within our company. We have a vision to be the leading company as a supplier of innovative energy applications for demanding fuels with circular economy approach. As well as a comprehensive partner who is able to serve Customers not only in the project business but also through services. 

Full steam ahead!