Combined heat and power plants brings opportunity to decentralize electricity generation capacity, as they are designed to meet the needs of local consumer, to ensure high efficiency, reduction of transmission losses and to increase the flexibility, availability, and cost-efficiency of own energy system. The most beneficial case for CHP plant solution development is with own fuel sources, like wood residues, agri fuels or various waste streams. Balance between fuel availability and different form energy (heat, steam, power) demand is the key factor for successful project.

Our offered boilers can produce superheated steam up to 70 bar and 480 C to maximise power output from turbine.

CHP plants typically comprises of following systems:

Whilst there is a range of different forms of CHP, typically primary purpose of the plant is electricity production, while the recovered heat is used for domestic heating purpose or to support an industrial process. Thermal energy in CHP plants might be used as a steam, hot water, hot gases, thermal oil, etc.  We are always eager to assist you in developing a solution which is most suitable for your business needs.

We are offering CHP plants of power capacity in range of 0.5 – 20 MWe combined with grate or burner combustion technology.

We are able to provide full cycle services to our customer, including conceptual development, execution of the project, lifetime services for the facility. We are flexible and can operate as a turnkey supplier (EPC), or deliver separate process equipment with installation, commissioning, or other requested services.