combustion systems


Global and sensitive topics related to environmental issues, low energy production efficiency, non-effective consumption and other raised the need to re-evaluate traditional energy production concept. Reduction of emission pollution, transfer from fossil fuels to renewable biofuels, increase of efficiency, utilization of waste-streams and promotion of circular economy approach are daily tasks that our team is considering  in every delivery. Being system integrator motivates us to improve our portfolio of technological solutions and suggest the most innovative products for our customers in order to reach mutual goals. 

Together with our partners for combustion systems, such as Vyncke and PetroBio, we are confident to offer state-of-the-art technologies along with strong project execution competences and after project services from our side. 

We are ready to offer for the industrial market tailored-made solutions for energy production. We are strong in handling both brownfield investments and managing retrofitting projects of an old systems. Herewith we can serve the market in development of the new projects of boiler plants as a greenfield investment.

We will select the most suitable combustion system for you needs corresponding to fuel type and specifications, combustion capacity, energy media, environmental and other requirements.

The most popular products are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Rotary cup burner

The PR burner is equipped with a rotating fuel nozzle. The rotating nozzle creates a high degree of fuel atomization and cleaner combustion than other solutions specially with more difficult fuels. Individually manufactured to customer requirements. Suitable to combust various liquid and gaseous fuels, including waste liquid and various bio-fuels.

Lance burner

The PL burner operates with liquid fuel and uses atomizing air or steam for low NOx combustion. This burner can be equipped with optionally retractable protection - automatically closing hatches. Burner is suitable for heavy and light fuel oils, various bio oils, waste liquid. Standard capacities can be proposed in range of 5-50 MW.

Gas burner

The PGL burner was originally developed to meet strict NOx emission requirements in outdated boilers. Originally supplied for PTVM type boilers. The PGL burner design has a remarkably low pressure drop over the air register. This type of burner can be designed to combust various gaseous fuels, such as natural gas, LPG, bio-gas, and waste gas.

Low pressure air atomizing burner

The PP/PB burner is a robust and flexible burner, available in several models for capacities between 1-6 MW and 2-25 MW. The PP/PB burner is designed to combust difficult fuels like heavy fuel oil, shale oil, animal fat, pine oil, and etc. This is the most popular model towards demanding marine applications, because of its easy operation and maintenance features.

Powder and dust burner

Burner is available in several models for capacities between 1-40 MW and is designed to meet high combustion demands when it comes to difficult fuels like dry biomass, sawdust and sander dust, various agrofuels, wood pellets, waste streams. As a secondary back-up fuel it can be used multi-fuel option for combustion of liquid and gaseous fuels.

Dynamic water cooled step-grate

Semi-water cooled, fully-water cooled, or hybrid grate combustion technologies integrated into modern solid fuel combustion boilers. Capacity of combustion systems is in range between 1-100 MW. The special design of combustion system allows to efficiently combust most complex fuels, such as various bio-fuels, agro-fuels, recovered waste fuels in a controllable manner.