Every technological solution must have design & engineering background which provides basis for eligible lifetime decisions for every project. Our employees are developing engineering solutions while integrating scientific and theoretical knowledges combined with practical approach. Our experience in various projects revelled necessity for engineering mindset not only in implementation of the project but also in development stage, which is usually very relevant to design works.

For this reason, we developed pool of engineering competencies within CTI organization to support project implementation teams and customers with decision making. We focus on process engineering activities for plant designing, including mechanics, electricity & automation.

Engineering works consist of various stages, like concept development, design for building permit, basic design, work project, equipment design, workshop drawing, and other. 

Our team can support Customers in various stages of the project, but our core services are:

Through extend network of partners we can serve our customers with wide spectrum of design & engineering services, including but not limited to structural design, equipment design, construction project, and other.