Since cooperation with IEP Technologies was implemented in year 2019, we are able to offer for the market harmonized technological solutions that are not only efficient and effective, but also safe. Long term cooperation and understanding of partners activities and products portfolio brings reliability and trustworthiness where it is needed the most – prevention and protection applications.

We can offer following groups of products for our customers:

Industrial facilities have a wide variety of processes and process equipment that are subject to the threat of a combustible dust, gas or vapor explosion. Equipment used for drying, collecting, milling, transporting and filtering combustible materials operate under the risk of an explosion. We have extensive experience at providing protection solutions for these processes and vessels.


The most popular products are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Spark detection and extinguishing systems

Protecting your process against explosions. System is designed to protect industrial processes by helping reduce the risk of ignition sources such as burning embers from reaching protected equipment. The system detects sparks and extinguishes them automatically without interrupting process operations.

Explosion relief (vent) panels

Explosion panels are designed to minimise damage to process vessels, ducts, and other industrial structures in the event of a deflagration involving combustible materials. Panels are designed to rupture at a predetermined pressure, allowing the fireball and pressure from a deflagration to vent into a safe area.

Flameless explosion protection systems

Explosion suppression systems or flameless pressure relief vents for maximised protection of personnel and process equipment. That is designed for process vessels where standard explosion relief panels are not suitable. Both solutions handles explosion protection without any flame release.