Based on process specification various heat recovery systems might be applicable in our projects.  Combustion process generates big share of energy volume, but proper treatment of flue gases might increase heat capacity up to 50 % of boiler output (with 65 % of fuel moisture and cooling media with low temperature).

Together with competent partners we can offer for the market solid portfolio of heat recovery solutions. 

As a separate component or integrated solutions, we can offer:

Thereby together with acknowledged technology from our partner we can offer wide range of related services, such as assembly, commissioning, inspection and maintenance, trainings, delivery of spare parts and many more.

The most popular products are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Flue gas condenser

Both sensible and latent heat content can be recovered with the flue gas condenser. The energy output from the condenser improves while return water temperature decreases and moisture in the flue gas increases. Flue gas condenser on average recovers 20-25% of boiler output.

Wet scrubber

With high availability and low operating costs features this is excellent equipment for separation performance when used for pre-treatment or final treatment of exhaust gases with contaminants. The wet scrub­ber is op­er­ated in a closed wa­ter cir­cuit for wa­ter treat­ment pur­poses.

Dry economiser (ECO)

ECO (dry economiser) recovers sensible heat on the water side at a temperature of around 100 degC. This energy can be reused between 90 and 100 degC in applications such as district heat, process heat or standard drying plants. ECO can be integrated in systems with any type of boilers.