As the systems integrator CTI can suggest various technological solutions that corresponds needs of the customer for heating plants. Different purpose heating plants can be interest for district heating, greenhouses, hot water preparation, drying process, cooling, etc. industries.

Heating plant types may differ by the medium for energy transmission and we are able to offer following solutions:

Heating plants typically comprises of following systems:

Based on concept and its technical specifications a tailor-made solutions with proper setup of the equipment will be developed by CTI team. Horizontal or vertical boiler might be selected in combination with respective combustion system type based on selected fuels. We are able to provide solutions for very wide spectre of fuels, that can be grouped in following categories: agri-biomass, wood-biomass, recovered waste (RDF, SRF and other) fuels.

We are offering heating plants of thermal capacity in range of 1 – 100 MW combined with grate or burner combustion technology.

We are able to provide full cycle services to our customer, including conceptual development, execution of the project, lifetime services for the facility. We are flexible and can operate as a turnkey supplier (EPC), or deliver separate process equipment with installation, commissioning, or other requested services.