Our team of professionals can provide extended services for various infrastructure applications, energy production facilities, industrial utilities.

Our services are customer orientated with primary goals to fulfil specific needs, secure continues processes of primary activities and maximise productivity. Our team consists of experienced professionals who provide full range of engineering, civil, technological, electrical & automation, commissioning services. Together with partnering companies we can ensure in-depth knowledges of multi-brand technologies and deliver efficient services.

We are located in a few locations in Haapavesi region, Finland, but extended network of remote employees and partners makes us easy reachable, shorten reaction time and minimise downtime. In Haapavesi location we operate a few production facilities, spare parts and tools warehouses, and ready to go tool-vans to serve our customers.

We are assisting our customers in their daily activities with:

Extending the operational lifetime and productivity of facilities while executing periodical predictive maintenance services contributes to circular economy approach. Properly delivered repair & maintenance services (testing, measurement, repairs, adjustments, etc.) will ensure that infrastructure will lose its value as slow as possible and will keep high productivity level. Maintenance, and especially preventive maintenance, plays an important role in ensuring the availability of equipment, minimizing production downtime and safety risks on site.