We operate modern steel processing and production site in Haapavesi region, Finland. In production site, we can produce up to 60 t of steel products and equipment per month. Production is organized in accordance with state-of-the-art practices and international standards. Orders from industrial and energy companies are executed by our own qualified team of welders, fitters, quality managers.

Our main services comprise of:

Main products that are manufactured in our production site are:

1,000+ m² production site is equipped with modern tools and systems, where welding types such as MMA, TIG, MIG are applicable and in use.

Production process is in accordance with PED and EN directives. Our production conforms with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards with CE marking.

Our quality management system ensures the highest standard for each of the product and equipment that leaves our production site. Each of production phases (design, planning, material supply, production, verification) are documented correspondingly to avoid any mistakes, ensure traceability, and approve quality.