Environmental issues are our deep concern in every project and installation. All energy related projects have their trace for environment, and it must be treated with respect. We are integrating art-of-the-state raw-gas filtration systems in our projects to ensure required emission levels and manage environmental pollution.
Together with competent partner Scheuch we can offer for the market solid portfolio of solutions that will solve any environmental issue.

As a separate component or integrated solutions, we can offer:

Thereby together with acknowledged technology from our partner we can offer wide range of related services, such as assembly, commissioning, inspection and maintenance, trainings, delivery of spare parts and many more.

The most popular products are listed below. Contact us for more information.

Electrostatic precipitator

Latest generation of electrostatic precipitator technology for dedusting flue gases. High degree of separation even when it comes fine dusts. Low pressure loss. Long service life and high availability. Can be retrofitted effectively in existing systems.

Baghouse filter with impulse cleaning

Space minimizing concept of bag filter technology. Optimized flow geometry to even loads for the filter media. High degree of pre-assembly leads to short installation time. Technology ensures high performance and system availability.

Dry sorption to reduce acidic pollutants

Reduction of acidic pollutants (HF, HCl, SOx) using additives based on Ca (calcium) or Na (sodium). Reduction of dioxins and furans, mercury and its compounds using activated carbon injection. Simple solution with high efficiency for extremely polluted flue gases.