Heat Recovery

HEAT RECOVERY HEAT RECOVERY SOLUTIONS FROM THE EXPERT CTI is a specialist in energy technology and project management, which, together with its partners and customers, creates reliable, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective energy solutions. We are experts in heat transfer, and our solutions scale from individual equipment deliveries to

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Electrode boiler

ELECTRODE BOILER ELECTRODE ELECTRIC BOILER FOR THE PRODUCTION OF STEAM AND HOT WATER We manufacture and supply electrode boilers for the energy and process industries. Electrode electric boilers produced by CTI are built on ACME’s electrode boiler technology. Our electrode boilers are CE marked in accordance with

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Heat exchangers

HEAT EXCHANGERS HEAT TRANSFER EXPERT CT Industrial Oy has more than 20 years of experience in heat transfer. The experience is based, among other things, on the work experience of our experts in power plant processes, equipment sizing in the chemical and process industry, implementing equipment specifications

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Tube heat exchangers

TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS A WELL MANAGED, SMOOTH PROCESS In the thermotechnical calculation of pipe heat exchangers, we use the HTRI dimensioning program, which is also used worldwide in the process industry. At the core of our operations is a tight group of key professionals, both in the

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Welded plate heat exchangers

WELDED PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS NO SEALS – WITHSTAND HIGH TEMPERATURES AND PRESSURES Welded plate heat exchangers do not have seals, which is why they can withstand high temperatures and pressures, unlike sealed ones. Welded plate heat exchangers combine the best aspects of both tube heat exchangers and

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Heat pipe

HEAT PIPE HEAT EXCHANGER FAST COMMISSIONING, CAN BE INSTALLED IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EXISTING PROCESS The structure of the heat pipe is theoretically divided into three parts: the evaporator part at the bottom, the adiabatic part (transportation) in the middle and the condenser part at the

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Announcement of business acquisition

South-West Supply, Oy and CT Industrial, Oy have agreed on a business acquisition whereby South-West Supply (further SWS) business is transferred in its entirety to CT Industrial from July 1, 2022. SWS business will continue business activities under the CTI name in the future and will continue operations in Turku region with

Daily activities

New office located in Linnanmaa Technology Village, Oulu

CT Industrial has been operating in new office located in Linnanmaa Technology Village, Oulu, since April 2022. At the Oulu office, you will find our service business director Kimmo Väänänen, solution business director Kimmo Oksala and tender calculator / foreman Aleksi Kauppila. The Oulu office team has