Whether you are looking for an equipment only or a complete delivery we can offer you the most suitable option

We are representing our partners' technologies and can help you with a selection of most economically beneficial and technically suitable equipment. In addition, we are able to take care of a complete delivery including logistics, installation, commissioning and later maintenance services. This will save your valuable time and will help to mitigate risks, because you will get everything from one hands completely ready for operation. Let us take care of your project in a professional manner.


Material grinding and milling

We are offering tailor-made grinding and milling solutions with a capacity up to 14 ton/h per unit for dust or powder preparation from different material sources.

Combustion systems

Together with our partners we are ready to offer state-of-the-art combustion technologies along with professional  project execution competences and after project services. 

Raw-gas filtration systems

All energy related projects have their trace for the environment, and it must be treated with respect. Together with our partners we are ready to serve market needs with extended portfolio of solutions which help to fight environmental issues. 

Heat recovery systems

Based on process specification various heat recovery systems might be applicable in our projects.  Combustion process generates big share of energy volume, but proper treatment of flue gases might increase heat capacity up to 50 % of boiler output.

Explosion protection equipment

We have en extensive experience at providing protection solutions for drying, collecting, milling, transporting, filtering, and other processes and vessels.